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Diagnostic tests for viral diseases

Diagnostic tests for viral diseases

COVID-19 Ag Test is the Immunochromatography test used for qualitative detection of the COVID-19 antigen in human nasopharyngeal swab or nasal swab specimens


Allow the test device anv specimens to equilibrate to temperature (15-30 °C) prior to testing.
1.Remove a nasal swab from the pouch.
2.Using the sterile swab provided in the kit. carfully insert the kit.carfully insert the swab into the one nostril of the patinet. the swab tip should be nserted up to 2-4 cm until resistance is met.
3.Roll the swab 5 times in a circular motion around the in side wall ensure that both mucus and cell are collected.using the same swab
repeat this processfor the orther nostril to ensure that an adequate sampleis collected from both nasal cavities.
4.Unscrew sample collection tube.
5.Unscrew sample vollection tube insert the swab in collection tube to the bottom rotate and squeeze the swab 10 time.
6.Leave the swab in the collection tube for 1 minute.
7.Rotate and squeeze the tube several times with fingers from outside of the tube to unwater the swab . remove the swab
8.Screw the cap on the sample tube break off the top of the cap and begin the test procedure.
9.Add 3 drops of specimen to the sample wall.
10.Read results wih in 10-15 minutes.



Positive:Control line and T line appear in the show window.
Negative:Only one line appears in Control area, no line appears in T area.
Invalide: The test invalid if the control line isn’t visible regardless of the presence or absence of the test line.






DescriptionSpecimenFormatCatalog NoSensitivityPackage SizeStrip Width
Covid-19Nasopharyngeal Swab /Nasal SwabCassetteHV-01-0298.1%254.0mm