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Knowledge based Hanan Teb Pars Company started its production activity in 2009 after years of experience in the medical market in the field of rapid disease diagnosis kits and research and development in line with the independent production of kits in Pardis Science and Technology Park. The result of this successful performance has been the success of achieving maximum independence and self-sufficiency in the production of this line of medical diagnostic products…

Frequent questions

Questions that we have answered according to our experience in many consultations.

What is the advantage of membership in the customer club of Hanan Teb Pars Company?

The customer club of Hanan Teb Pars Company has been created to provide the most appropriate services to our dear colleagues by using a written system, so that it can express gratitude to these dear ones in events, special promotions, special cash or goods offers, etc. To do the duty. Contact us for membership conditions

How can I obtain a domestic or foreign agency to sell Hanan Teb products?

Since obtaining representation of  Hanan Teb for trading products inside Iran or for export as well as obtaining representation in the countries of the region is subject to special laws, it is recommended to contact the commercial department of this company to get the necessary guidance. do it

What is the main advantage of the products of Hanan Teb Pars Company?

Among the main advantages of  Hanan Teb Pars products, we can point out the accuracy, accuracy and high sensitivity of the kits in comparison with other existing kits and the absence of the requirement to repeat the test.

If I have a creative design with a high level of technology, can I have direct cooperation with the company?

Hanan Teb Pars company welcomes projects that have a scientific level with the ability to help the medical diagnosis process with a positive outlook due to being based on high knowledge. It is enough to upload the summary of the project on the site, so that after reviewing the research and development team of this company, which consists of university faculty members at the national and international levels, and the feasibility study and commercialization plan, you will be contacted and The defense and the conclusion of the contract are invited.

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